Aligning the security needs of both domestic and internatiol requirements is our speciality. 

Mandaville Consulting can provide specialised security training for industry professionals who are serious about maintaining an edge in their profession. These highly sought after skill sets are run regularly both in Australia and off-shore. Our reputation has been recognised as being of superior in the Maldives and across sout-east Asia with large clientele.


In the current global and domestic security environment these specialised skills are a must for security professionals.


  • Security risk assessments

  • Emergency incident evaluation and provide solutions

  • Critical incident evaluation and provide solutions

  • Security personnel evaluation

  • Security compliance audits

  • Write policy and procedures documents

  • Work and healthy reviews and provide improvement solutions

  • Security technology application solutions

  • Design and deliver customer contact training

  • Validate security training concepts

  • Security needs analysis 

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